Thursday, 29 September 2011

10 Useful Firefox Add-ons for fans of Twitter

Firefox is one of the most best web browsers around the world with a number of active members of many. Twitter fans is a remarkable social networking service, which became the favorite of many people in a short period of time, and millions of registered users for that. There is no doubt why people want to merge these two great online services together.

Twitter twittering additions made much simpler. It is more preferred by people able to receive updates and notifications "on the spot about what is happening in the twitter of their own. Will be the one able to multi task to keep up with him / her to work hectic in the Firefox browser and receive updates to Twitter as well, without having to log in Twitter account them.

Previously, and we went through a lot of add-ons useful tools such as SEO for Firefox bloggers are also additions and extensions for web designers and developers. This is the last of a series of additions to the Firefox Twitter fans!

These are our 10 favorite Firefox addons that you can use Twitter to tweet, Tweet response, showing people what you offer now, and send direct messages, features and much more! Take a look at all these additions and enjoy the freedom to use Twitter in the Firefox browser.

1. Echofon

Echofon, which is formerly known as TwitterFox, is that the significant additions is the use of plug-in. It adds a status bar icon that has accurate information when your buddies latest tweets. Echofon allows you to access your account at Twitter fans just one click and displays the number of unread messages on the status bar. Will be able to manage multiple Twitter accounts and other functions trouble-free deployment, such as Twitter your tweets, and a message directly and retweet.


2. Twitbin

Twitbin is add a small plug-in that shows the sidebar. It allows you to be up to date with all the discussions Twitter from your right sidebar of the browser. Will be able to use this extension to send and receive messages from buddies, and talks of opinion, and links to a share of the site you want, and more.

3. Power Twitter
It provides the functions of Twitter out to the web interface Twitter, which includes a built of each type of media and toys for display, and load the image, the expansion and contraction link link translation, the addresses of the pages, peeks date of delivery, and custom settings, and issues of the day. This can be done all this right on the front of your website Twitter. As an added benefit, you will be able to view the updates through this situation Logo plug-in.

4. Twitkit

Twitkit functions as a Twitter profile for Firefox. It's interface 6 Part, which is used to separate the signs of its contents. Use this extension Twitkit, will be able to view the font of your user, and the overall schedule Twitter, and a list of buddies and the latest tweets, a list of recent tweets and followers, regarding the status of your account, and @ replies made ​​to you.

5. TwitterBar

TwitterBar extension allows you to tweet to your Twitter web interface directly from the address bar in Firefox. The small Twitter icon can be seen on the side of the address bar, and clicking on the posts your tweets. You can also check the number of characters left and does not allow you to only last up to 140 characters in Twitter. You could also link your tweet display is just a click on the icon. With this version of TwitterBar 2.9, you can now add new accounts, and after several Twitter accounts.
6. Twitzer
You can now last longer messages with more than 140 characters only on the web interface using your Twitter Twitzer this plug-in for Firefox. Besides, it broadens the TinyURL links to ensure that you click on the links are safe.

7. Instant Tweets
Tweet instant roughly similar to the extension of TweetBar. You can tweet from the address bar and Firefox share the links from the page that is currently displayed. Just click on the icon of birds located on the side of the title bar of the post or tweet the link given. It also automatically displays the number of trades left as you type, and shorten the long addresses. All you do is right click on the images to a tweet on Twitter immediately. In addition, the symbol bird can be seen in blue if someone is following you and red if no one.

8. TwittyTunes

 And music lovers will definitely want to share their favorite songs and tracks that they listen to with their friends, and followers of others. This can be done through the use of Twitty Tunes extension for Firefox. It posts the sites you visit often, and video clips that stream to your twitter. Can you provide any songs that define just one click by assigning Twitty Tunes Firefox browser.

9. Friendbar

Friendbar is a useful application not only but also Twitter and Facebook. Friendbar This application allows you to manage all of the popular online social networks and interfaces from one place. Now you can keep in touch with your friends from both networks with these components in one. It flows continuously updates your Twitter alike, and Facebook accounts right on the toolbar. Tweet, retweet, direct message, @ message, and more from the toolbar Friendbar. It automatically creates a TinyURL of the site that you offer so you can easily share links on social networks alike.


10. Yoono

Yoono last side plug-in for Firefox. It allows you to keep in touch with your friends across a variety of instant messaging, social networking sites from one place. Yoono sidebar support services such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Yahoo chat, and more private than that. Yoono simplifies the exchange of materials on your way to love with all your social networks at the same time. You will be able to discover more of the material with the discovery of a cool piece that displays the relevant sites, videos, photos, and more as you browse the Internet.

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