Saturday, 8 October 2011

Seven (Non-SEO) Tips to Having a Successful SEO Campaign

If you ask people if they want to be successful, almost unanimously, they will say yes. But if you watch what people do, you'll see that they are neither interested in, nor committed to, doing the things that are required to become successful.

Most people look for ways to "succeed" by investing the least amount of effort possible. That's why the lottery makes so much money for the government. One dollar can make you extremely rich. If you're extremely lucky.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for ways to become successful with the smallest amount of effort. Luck isn't random happenstance; it's being prepared when the right opportunity comes your way! I have a motto I use quite often when I'm not working, "I worked damn hard to be this lazy!" But the key here is that I worked. I didn't just get lucky and get to be lazy because of it - I earned it.

Over the years I've busted my butt to create a successful website marketing strategy firm. It's had it's ups and downs, not to mention countless long nights and weekends. And whenever I start to feel like I can relax, it seems something comes up, and we have a new push to get us to the next level.

Successful SEO can't be done in a vacuum of search engine algorithms, social media and on-page optimization strategies. There is something even more fundamental to being successful at your SEO efforts than the knowledge needed to carry it out. These are foundational issues that, when applied, will help you not only gain the knowledge you need, but the wherewithal to grow in your success, even through difficult and dry times.

Seven steps to making sure your SEO is successful

Daily Growth : SEO requires a constant education on what the search engines are doing, how that might affect your site, and what new strategies you might need to employ. As rapidly as technology changes, your SEO knowledge yesterday won't always carry you through tomorrow.

Value the Process : SEO isn't about the destination (top rankings) but rather the process that brings constant improvement to your site. Every day you should find some ways to improve your site over yesterday's version. Look for new keywords, opportunities for new content and ways to improve the usability and persuasion processes that will increase conversions.

Don't Wait for Inspiration : Inspiration most often comes after you have started doing something. It's the work itself that inspires thoughts, ideas and strategies. If you're stuck in an SEO rut and don't know what to do next, start doing something. Look at the analytics, read a blog or strike up a conversation with someone about the site you're working on. Do something to get the creative juices flowing.

Be Willing to Pay Now : There is a saying that says you can pay now or pay later, but you will pay. Be willing to invest heavily in SEO, especially in the early stages. In many cases SEO has to be done in large chunks rather than small bites. Be willing to invest in those large chunks of time. They often lead to greater rewards (sooner rather than) later.

Don't Focus on Your Limitations : There is no SEO in the world that can do everything greatly. Sometimes you have to know what you don't know and find qualified people to do what you can't do. Don't get stuck worrying about what you can't do and work with people who can provide strengths that compensate for your weaknesses.

Master Your Time
: SEO can often be an endless process. There is always something more that can, and should, be done. In order to get anything accomplished you have to manage your time wisely. Focus on areas that will provide the best results first, then move on to other areas later. Don't get bogged down in the inessentials.

Trade Up, Not Down
: When dealing with clients, developers and owners, the SEO often finds they don't get everything they want. Sometimes you have to make concessions. When you can't do everything, then look for trades that bring more value to you. Trade quantity for quality. Trade time for effectiveness. Trade rankings for conversions. You get the drift.
What's good for SEO is good for business

Each of the tips above can be applied to every area of our lives and in business, not just SEO. They are tried and true principles for success in any arena. It's just the application that varies.

SEO requires patience, determination, hard work and sometimes even sacrificing our perfect ideals. Everybody has a different definition of success. Many clients or SEOs look to rankings as the goal when they should be looking at business growth, conversions and profits. Determine what your real goals are and do what it takes to achieve them. Then you'll be successful at SEO!


How do you break into SEO?

If you are in this business long enough, someone will come up and ask the question. To some of them, it is the most important question in their lives: "How do I break into SEO?" I honestly get this question several times a month.  And each person that asks me is ready for my answer. Some seem ready to take notes. They expect that I am going to rattle off some kind of canned answer that will unlock the secret to their future career. But I don't, because it isn't that easy.

Some people readily accept that it isn't that easy. If it were easy, they wouldn't need to ask.

In fact many folks ask a longer question. "How do I break into SEO, because I don't have..."

    * ...a technical background. This is one of the most common worries. People believe that they need to know how to program or at least code HTML or else they are doomed.
    * ...a marketing background. Yeah, people who actually have a technical background worry that they need something else.

The truth is that almost no one breaks into SEO with both a marketing and a technical background. So, no matter who you are, you probably don't have all the skills required to optimize for organic search.

But as SEO grows, you don't really need all those skills anymore. There are plenty of jobs out there for folks who are specialists. They don't know everything about SEO--they just know enough SEO, that when coupled with other skills make them employable.

That's why when people ask me the magic question, I always ask them a question back. What do you already know?

People are always struck by this question because they don't expect the magic formula to have anything to do with them. But it does:

    * If you have a background in direct marketing, you can learn search analytics.
    * If you came from PR, you can come up with social media ideas or write blog posts.
    * If you understand copy writing, you can do content optimization or paid search copy writing.
    * If you are a programmer, you can fix infrastructure problems.

You probably get the idea.

SEO is no longer some kind of monolithic profession. where you must know every part of it to get a job. If you have any skills that border on organic search marketing, adding SEO skills to that mix make you far more employable.  And that is always the right way to break into SEO, by building on what you already know.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

10 Useful Firefox Add-ons for fans of Twitter

Firefox is one of the most best web browsers around the world with a number of active members of many. Twitter fans is a remarkable social networking service, which became the favorite of many people in a short period of time, and millions of registered users for that. There is no doubt why people want to merge these two great online services together.

Twitter twittering additions made much simpler. It is more preferred by people able to receive updates and notifications "on the spot about what is happening in the twitter of their own. Will be the one able to multi task to keep up with him / her to work hectic in the Firefox browser and receive updates to Twitter as well, without having to log in Twitter account them.

Previously, and we went through a lot of add-ons useful tools such as SEO for Firefox bloggers are also additions and extensions for web designers and developers. This is the last of a series of additions to the Firefox Twitter fans!

These are our 10 favorite Firefox addons that you can use Twitter to tweet, Tweet response, showing people what you offer now, and send direct messages, features and much more! Take a look at all these additions and enjoy the freedom to use Twitter in the Firefox browser.

1. Echofon

Echofon, which is formerly known as TwitterFox, is that the significant additions is the use of plug-in. It adds a status bar icon that has accurate information when your buddies latest tweets. Echofon allows you to access your account at Twitter fans just one click and displays the number of unread messages on the status bar. Will be able to manage multiple Twitter accounts and other functions trouble-free deployment, such as Twitter your tweets, and a message directly and retweet.


2. Twitbin

Twitbin is add a small plug-in that shows the sidebar. It allows you to be up to date with all the discussions Twitter from your right sidebar of the browser. Will be able to use this extension to send and receive messages from buddies, and talks of opinion, and links to a share of the site you want, and more.

3. Power Twitter
It provides the functions of Twitter out to the web interface Twitter, which includes a built of each type of media and toys for display, and load the image, the expansion and contraction link link translation, the addresses of the pages, peeks date of delivery, and custom settings, and issues of the day. This can be done all this right on the front of your website Twitter. As an added benefit, you will be able to view the updates through this situation Logo plug-in.

4. Twitkit

Twitkit functions as a Twitter profile for Firefox. It's interface 6 Part, which is used to separate the signs of its contents. Use this extension Twitkit, will be able to view the font of your user, and the overall schedule Twitter, and a list of buddies and the latest tweets, a list of recent tweets and followers, regarding the status of your account, and @ replies made ​​to you.

5. TwitterBar

TwitterBar extension allows you to tweet to your Twitter web interface directly from the address bar in Firefox. The small Twitter icon can be seen on the side of the address bar, and clicking on the posts your tweets. You can also check the number of characters left and does not allow you to only last up to 140 characters in Twitter. You could also link your tweet display is just a click on the icon. With this version of TwitterBar 2.9, you can now add new accounts, and after several Twitter accounts.
6. Twitzer
You can now last longer messages with more than 140 characters only on the web interface using your Twitter Twitzer this plug-in for Firefox. Besides, it broadens the TinyURL links to ensure that you click on the links are safe.

7. Instant Tweets
Tweet instant roughly similar to the extension of TweetBar. You can tweet from the address bar and Firefox share the links from the page that is currently displayed. Just click on the icon of birds located on the side of the title bar of the post or tweet the link given. It also automatically displays the number of trades left as you type, and shorten the long addresses. All you do is right click on the images to a tweet on Twitter immediately. In addition, the symbol bird can be seen in blue if someone is following you and red if no one.

8. TwittyTunes

 And music lovers will definitely want to share their favorite songs and tracks that they listen to with their friends, and followers of others. This can be done through the use of Twitty Tunes extension for Firefox. It posts the sites you visit often, and video clips that stream to your twitter. Can you provide any songs that define just one click by assigning Twitty Tunes Firefox browser.

9. Friendbar

Friendbar is a useful application not only but also Twitter and Facebook. Friendbar This application allows you to manage all of the popular online social networks and interfaces from one place. Now you can keep in touch with your friends from both networks with these components in one. It flows continuously updates your Twitter alike, and Facebook accounts right on the toolbar. Tweet, retweet, direct message, @ message, and more from the toolbar Friendbar. It automatically creates a TinyURL of the site that you offer so you can easily share links on social networks alike.


10. Yoono

Yoono last side plug-in for Firefox. It allows you to keep in touch with your friends across a variety of instant messaging, social networking sites from one place. Yoono sidebar support services such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Yahoo chat, and more private than that. Yoono simplifies the exchange of materials on your way to love with all your social networks at the same time. You will be able to discover more of the material with the discovery of a cool piece that displays the relevant sites, videos, photos, and more as you browse the Internet.

Monday, 26 September 2011

SEO - search engine optimization tips to drive traffic

If you are new to Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is sometimes difficult to understand at first. SEO is the ability to take an article or web page optimized for search engines. Once in an article or Web page is SEO optimized for search systems like Google, Yahoo and Bing and now we have the ability to rank and index page or article appropriately.

Basic SEO techniques and Internet Marketing

The ability to create an article or Web page to automatically jump to No. 1 seems impossible, but if the page is optimized correctly has the ability to get the highest rank for competitive keywords is low. For the production of basic search engine page optimization needs to be the following.

1. Keyword density between 2-4% 

2. Definition by the words 
3. Description meta tags
 4. Word in the title
 5. Use H1, H2 and H3 in all parts of page

Using these three factors constitute the basics of SEO and create a ready to search systems like Google. Many individuals that start a blog or a site not to use any SEO SEO techniques or tools to improve every page. Studies have shown that those sites that took the time to use many of the optimization tips, showed that it is possible to do onpage optimization articles and pages receive more traffic and visitors from those sites that have not done any SEO at all.

Summit SEO techniques that will help drive traffic And use a variety of search engine optimization techniques on a large scale by many successful Internet marketers. Keep many of these SEO strategies for themselves and not very forthcoming when it comes to explaining how to get traffic, or to become number one in the search like Google. Top 3 strategies to search engine optimization is as follows.

1. Build quality one way links2. The use of sources other than the movement of Google, Yahoo and Bing3. SEO optimization On page
The strategies on the Internet marketers for a long time, but many of these strategies and making do not fully understand what to do with them.

The site is used to increase the spotlight on your products. If your site is advertised on the Internet, it would certainly attract many visitors, even in comparison with other advertising options. As far as visitors visit the site will contribute to increase its presence accordingly. You can increase visitors to your site with the help of the services and website promotion by choosing a service provider of SEO.

Business on the Internet today is to flourish as a result of this round of search engine optimizers and Internet marketing company has strong attractions. Has now become an essential part for any on line business. Whenever you need to improve your web site or advertise your product to the maximum user of these services SEO should be.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

SEO Beyond the Keyword

The other day I was on the phone with a client who was delighted with our SEO Services. That always feels good! My client wanted to add a new keyword to his campaign, and when he Googled it, he discovered that, although we had done no specific, targeted work on this keyword, he was already on Page 1!

Since SEOs (including me) emphasize keyword research and keyword selection, how is it that an SEO campaign can help a client site gain ranking on a different keyword? I am going to offer two explanations: One involves the long tail, and one involves authority. Both factor into an excellent SEO campaign.

It’s About Crawling

Before we get into details, it’s important to understand Google’s ability to “read” your content. Google is constantly attempting to understand language, semantics, and context, and every day, it gets better and better at that. That’s great news for you because, if you describe your product and services clearly and in detail, Google will use the language on your site to build a rich vocabulary that might be pertinent to your business.

Here’s an example: Give Google the set “toy, doll, teddy,” and it will predict “bear, plush, and handmade” (among others). But a list of words is one thing, a sentence or sentence fragment is another. Search engines want to understand how we use language. Google “who is pete” and you’ll find St. Peter, Pete Rouse, Pete Seeger, and many more. But change it to “the who is pete” and BLAM, Pete Townsend of The Who. “The” makes all the difference!

Why does all of this matter? Because, providing you have a good website that does a smart job of conveying your professional message, and provided you work on appropriate keywords in your SEO Services, Google will learn additional keywords from crawling your site. Using the above example, I, as your SEO, might be focusing on the keyword “giant teddy bear,” but your site doesn’t just say “giant teddy bear” over and over again. (Keyword stuffing is not only a bad idea, but an outmoded one.) As search engines crawl your site, they find “plush bear,” “plush doll,” “baby doll,” and more—keywords that weren’t necessarily an explicit part of your SEO campaign.


Ranking for a different keyword: “plush bear doll” instead of “giant teddy bear,” is an example of how authority expands the breadth and reach of your keywords. The SEO Services work I’ve done improves the authority and visibility of your website, and this, in turn, confers value onto the other keywords appearing on your authority pages. Needless to say, it also helps make my job easier should you expand your keyword list in the future.

The Long & Short of It

The long tail is another way that building up a keyword helps other keywords. A long tail is a three or more word keyword phrase that contains within it a one or two word keyword/phrase. Usually the “short tail” phrase is highly competitive. “Giant teddy bear” is a typical long tail example—the short tail is “teddy bear.” “Teddy bear” has 110,000 exact global monthly searches, which is a big windmill to tilt at! “Giant teddy bear,” on the other hand, has 2,900 exact global monthly searches. Although it’s a much smaller number, those are visitors you’d be happy to have, and the more specific keyword will tend to bring visitors more intent on purchasing (meaning better conversions).

But a funny thing is happening. Since that short tail is contained within the long tail, the entire time that you’re building rank for “giant teddy bear,” you’re simultaneously carrying “teddy bear” along with it. I’ve certainly seen it happen that a short tail keyword breaks through to page one based only on our long tail efforts. Other times, as the long tail reaches page one, the short tail moves from a rock bottom position of invisibility up to page two or three. While that SERP isn’t going to bring a great deal of traffic to your site, it’s certainly much easier for us to consider doing direct work on the short tail keyword after that growth has happened.

The bottom line: A good SEO-optimized website is an integrated whole. Additional keywords, including short tail keywords, will naturally tend to be helped by smart SEO efforts.

Link Wheels vs. Link Clouds

There are many providers of SEO services tout their service the wheel of a link. Do not listen! Wheels link is a bad idea, increasingly, more and more susceptible to search engine penalties.

What is wrong with the wheels the link?

Search engine ranking depends on links from other sites to your own. SEOs want to make sure these links look natural, and for this reason prefer techniques that use natural language and pattern of the natural link between the professionals. Long time ago, people figured out that a group of links at random from a set of random sites, pointing out all the one site, seemed entirely artificial, and therefore was not in favor of this technology by search engines.

Attempts to connect the Link Wheel to create a natural linking pattern by making sure that every page links to your site also links to another page. Since the links to the home page in addition to the "link juice", it means that the link from that page are also more valuable. It makes sense in theory, but there are two problems: First, the wheel of perfection is anything but normal, and the search engine "walk" can not detect the structure. Second, and linked to each page, at the wheel, and on every other page. If the punishment of any one of those links for any reason, you can link leads to the loss of all your links at once, which would hurt your ranking.

Link to the cloud, on the other hand ...

Web pages when the link to other Web pages, and they are very random pattern. May not link to a news site as a source, the client up to the same location to recommend to the seller, may be listed the same location in the directory, and so on. At the same time, the incoming links to the press, customers, and the evidence probably not be linked to each other. It's not in a hurry at all! I call this cloud the link.

If you are studying this illustration cloud link, you'll see more of the many advantages of the wheel link:

multiple pages of a client's site, because of the power to bring more exposure to more of your content. (This is also a more natural pattern: People do not always link back to your home page.) pages are built important Web 2.0 social media to reach directly to the client's site, but not to each other. Sites and social media can include Squidoo, Hubpages, Facebook, WordPress, and more. build and strengthen the authority of an additional link on the pages of social media, which in turn gives that power in your home. building and a link randomly to the "cloud"; the meaning of the main page, secondary pages and your primary pages and social media. construction sites and did not link up to each other. This means that if one link such a problem, it can not contaminate other links. Cloud link is more time-consuming to build and maintain the wheel of the link, but it is far better for your website and your search engine rankings.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Link Wheel Service Must for Getting Link Popularity

Doing online business is not possible without getting high quality backlinks. If your website is not receiving any kind of backlinks then it is impossible for you to do business online as the possibility of high ranking will be decreased. If the possibility ranking decreases, the volume of traffic will be decreased which gives negative effect to your business. So, if you are thinking to increase the profit of the business through SEO service then none-other is as better as Link Wheel service. Adopting this service will give you best opportunity to your website in order to improve ranking on the major search engines.

For getting desired result, you have to write unique as well as informative content in which you can put various links. You have to understand the importance of this service, if you want to get advantage through this service for your website. Link wheel service includes some of the basic services such as articles, Press releases, social bookmarking, blog posts and web sites. In this service, you have to create different blogs or web pages by using web 2.0 properties, namely, blogger; Hubpages, etc. have to put informative articles or good press release in it. It is quite simple to make Link Wheel. It is one type of circular process in which eight unique articles is to be submitted, which is to be posted in each site or blog.

Link wheel can be done with proper research and informative material will be collected for this in order to catch an attention of people. Various back links that are generated through this service are "do-follow" links that offers more value in search engines. Apart from that, your website will also get crawled by the search engine's spiders and indexed very fast. Going through this service will offer you good ranking, effective result, varieties of link tools such as blogs, articles, press releases and websites and many other things. One can also create effective link wheel with proper and efficient Link Wheel service.